Welcome to ‘The Enhanced Wellbeing Group’

At The Enhanced Wellbeing Group, you will find a team that is professional and caring. You’ll find a team that is dedicated to providing bespoke services to their clients through a holistic approach that creates the best outcomes for their clients. Their services are high quality. They are passionate, committed and have many years of experience. 

Here is a selection of the services offered by the team at The Enhanced Wellbeing Group

MyotherapyMyotherapy is a treatment option that helps to improve strength and flexibility, enhancing muscular integrity to decrease pain and discomfort. This ensures that clients experience improved overall wellbeing. 

Remedial MassageThrough soft tissue manipulation, massage therapists help ensure that their clients can achieve rehabilitation. Massage therapists ca also help with pain and injury management whether that be in the  muscles, tendons, ligaments and connective tissues of the body 

Sports MassageSports Massage provides benefits to athletes or anyone that exercises regularly. Sports massage can be beneficial pre-competition through the relaxation and invigoration of muscles to enhance performance, or post-competition by flushing out sore muscles, helping them to detoxify, heal and realign so that the athlete can start preparing for their next game, competition or event. 

Pregnancy MassagePregnancy has a massive impact on a woman’s body and our specially trained massage therapists are committed to ensure that mother’s to be can safely relax and be as comfortable as possible. The team also has especially designed massage tables meaning that you can safely lie on your stomach and relieve the pain in your back. 

Dry NeedlingDry needling is a process that releases tight muscles with the end goal of reducing muscle pain or muscle dysfunction. This is done through inserting a filament needle directly into the trigger point of a muscle. 

PilatesIn our pilates classes you will be challenged by our instructors to safely maximise your boy’s potential, whilst being mindful of any limitations and potential for injury. A pilates class will give you a whole body workout, targeting as many muscle groups as possible whilst also strengthening your core. 

PhysiotherapyOur expert physiotherapists are here to  assess, identify, treat, and prevent a wide range of conditions and disorders affecting health and movement. 

NST- Bowen TherapyThis treatment is a hands on treatment that helps by looking at spinal and structural therapy with the end goal being pain removal.  

As we mentioned, the team at The Enhanced Body Group are experienced and professional. But don’t just take our word for it. They have a strong 4.9 review rating on Facebook with a number of positive written reviews. 

Adam had this to say. “I’m not one for treatments but pending my 1st marathon this weekend I was feeling a little sore in my quad so went in and saw Erin this arvo. Can’t believe how much better it feels. Cheers Erin.” Tawnee was also glowing in her review. “Erin and the staff have helped me find my love in fitness and wellness and have been the most supportive team in helping me and my body in every way.” 

Why not give us a call today to book an appointment? You don’t have to continue living with these aches and pains. 

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