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Major Brands at Somerville Plaza

Any shopping plaza worth its salt is able to cater for a variety of needs, but most importantly those staple, day to day things that everyone needs from time to time.

Let’s have a look at some of the Major Brands businesses and services that we have and offer.

Australia Post Somerville

I bet you’ve posted something in the last six months? Of course you have; probably more frequently than that. That’s why we’ve got Australia Post; it’s something everyone needs to help them stay in touch, return goods or collect them.

H & R Block

H & R Block are actually Australia’s largest prepares of personal income tax returns as well as offering a multitude of accountancy and book keeping solutions to all manner of small businesses.

They are a cornerstone of the local business community and it’s great to have them on board!


Fancy a drink mate? Well if you do we’ve got you covered with BWS. Whether its beers, wines spirits or any combination of them all you can guarantee that BWS will have what you’re looking for.

They regularly run special offers and have a delivery option too; perfect for the holidays or a get together.


Now it’s time to talk about a real Australian institution; Woolworths. They don’t describe themselves as the fresh fruit people for nothing; their dedication to bringing you the freshest, tastiest fruit in season is second to none.

98% of the fruit that they sell comes from Australia and 100% of the meat they sell is Australian in origin. This is a source of immense pride for Woolworths as they are proud Australians and it really means something to them to support other Australian businesses and farmers.

Salvo Stores

Salvo Stores are a real cornerstone of the community offering up recycled and pre-loved good for sale. They rely heavily on donations, so whilst we’re keen to promote the store in terms of you visiting it as a customer, we really must encourage you to give generously too if you are able.


The Somerville branch of ANZ is here to help you with all of your financial and banking needs. Founded in 1835 it’s one of Australia’s most enduring, recognisable brands and it trusted by Australians the length and breadth of the country.

Got you covered haven’t we?

There’s all of this and more at Somerville Plaza.

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