Should you hire a bookkeeper?

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This is a question that every business owner has ran through their mind or even agonised over at some point during the life of their business. Of course there are pros and cons of hiring a bookkeeper or doing it yourself, but the pros are firmly stacked in favour of hiring a bookkeeper whilst the cons sit firmly with the do it yourself approach. Let’s have a more detailed look at how RAD Bookkeeping at Somerville Plaza can do this is.


Hiring RAD as a bookkeeper saves you so much time; there’s no way you started your own business because you wanted to spend more time on company accounts; focus on the important jobs and the reasons that you started your own business for in the first place.

Rad Bookkeeping BAS preparation and lodgement
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Time leads nicely on to growth. Delegating the bookkeeping duties to RAD who are qualified professionals means you have the time and headspace to develop and grow your business further.

Technical expert

RAD are suitably qualified bookkeepers and are experts in the intricacies of financial record keeping and accounts; let them deal with the complex issues and keep your business safe. As you grow, these complex technical issues are only going to get bigger and more frequent so the faster you get a bookkeeper involved the better.

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Insight and forward planning

A good bookkeeper will get to know your business and the market it operates in. They’ll help you spot opportunities and provide you with specialist insight to help you maximise your profits. Let RAD help you.

Keep an overview

Whilst hiring a bookkeeper is the best option for 99% of businesses, it’s a good tip to keep a general overview of your financial situation so you know what’s going on even if you aren’t “doing the doing” yourself. A good bookkeeper will produce summary reports for you to help with this and RAD Bookkeeping can definitely help you out.

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