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H&R Block is one of our key tenants at Somerville Plaza and they have been working hard over the Christmas Period supporting clients with the preparation of their tax returns.

The team at H&R Block Somerville Plaza love numbers but won’t treat you like a number. Across Australia, he H&R Block team are Australia’s largest preparer of Personal Tax returns and there’s a reason for that. 

Today we wanted to share with you just a few reasons why you should engage H&R Block at Somerville Plaza to do your tax return (instead of doing it yourself.) We have outlined 4 main reasons below that many of their customers say are the key reasons they choose H&R Block for their tax returns

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Cost-Effective – H&R Block offers tax returns reviewed from as low as $19, there’s no excuse not to ensure that you have peace of mind that comes with your Return being reviewed by a professional. By investing in having H&R Block Somerville Plaza do your return, you’ll likely save yourself a significant amount of money long term. You’ll make sure you get all the deductions you are entitled to.

Save you time – do you really have time to do your tax return? Or do you have better things to do with your time? We know what to look for and we love looking at your numbers. Stop pulling your hair out and just let us take care of it. You should be spending time doing your job, exercising and spending time with family.

Fix Past Mistakes – Have you made mistakes on past returns that need to be amended? Would you even know? The team at H&R Block Somerville Plaza can help you lodge amendments if needed to make sure you don’t risk penalties later on. 


Know what you can claim – Don’t miss any claims that you may be entitled to. We’re experts in the industry and will ensure that you claim all deductions associated with your industry.  Tax laws change all the time. What you think you could claim last year may not be claimable this year. Avoid mistakes by speaking to the H&R Block team.


You don’t even have to pay anything upfront. The team at H&R Block Somerville Plaza will deduct your tax preparation fees from your Return. 


Go on. Do yourself a favour. Get in touch with the team at H&R Block Somerville Plaza today. They’ll get you started with all the answers to your questions and sort out all of your needs. Come and visit them in-store or give them a call on 03 5974 7000


This article contains general information only. You should obtain specific, independent professional advice in relation to your particular circumstances and issues. The team at H&R Block Somerville Plaza are well placed to offer you advice specific to your circumstances.

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