Discovering the Best of Somerville Plaza: Exceptional Services for Your Everyday Needs

Welcome to Somerville Plaza Shopping Centre, the heart of your community. Being the center of commerce and trade in the area, we also do not forget about the well-being of our customers. We offer a wide range of services that cater to every single one of your needs. From having your laundry, getting your car serviced, beautifying yourself, and many more. These services intend to help bring out the best in you, it helps you feel amazing for yourself. We make sure that you’re going to be left satisfied after you’va availed the services the Services Centre has to offer.

Beautification Services

Adore Hair Care Salon: Personalized Beauty

At Adore Hair Care Salon, they’re not just about styling and fixing your hair, they’re about creating a look that would suit you well and one that will leave you so satisfied after the session. Come and visit their shop to bring out the best hairstyle for you, one that showcases your unique beauty. Their qualified stylists have done this for years and they understand what it means to have a well-suited hairstyle that befits your vibe, lifestyle, and beauty.

Curled Up and Dyed: Hair Magic for Everyone

At Curled Up and Dyed, your hair is considered as a blank canvas, waiting for an artist to show their expertise that will leave you satisfied with an increase in self-esteem after finishing the session. They offer a wide range of Hair Care services for all genders and ages, hair coloring, hairstyling, and beyond. If you can imagine a hairstyle, they can recreate it leaving you feeling like the best version of yourself.

Nails For You: Nail Care Excellence

For those who enjoy pampering themselves, using only the best OPI and CND products, they provide professional manicure and pedicure services that will not only boost your confidence, but also elevate your self-care routine. If only your nails could talk, they will be more than thankful to you for bringing them to the right place. Nails For You also offers a complete beauty service that will give you a brand new look!

Somerville Barbers: Classic Haircuts and More

With over 30 years of experience, Somerville barbers is your go-to place for achieving classic men’s haircuts at a very affordable price! Unlike most barber shops, there’s no need for an appointment, you can just walk in whenever you feel like having your hair cut. Their experienced barbers will take care of your grooming needs. It’s more than a haircut, it’s a tradition.

Clothing Services Centre

Cherokee Rose: Seamstress Extraordinaire

Cherokee Rose is the place to go when you need your clothes altered or even transformed. Their expertise allows them to measure the exact fit for you, and will adjust your garment to your own liking and preference. Time to bring your favorite clothes to Cherokee Rose and they will make sure that it fits you and it’s fixed to your satisfaction. Whether it’s a small repair or a complete alteration, their expertise ensures your clothes look their best as if they’re brand new.

Somerville Drycleaners & Laundry: Unmatched Quality Care

Unlike other laundry shops who take a long time to wash your laundry. Somerville Drycleaners & Laundry testaments stand on quality care, convenience, and speed. This is the place to be when you want your valued garments washed, dried, and folded, the only thing you do is to pick them up or if you’re busy and have very little time to play with, you have the option to have them delivered. They do not just clean your clothes, they wash it with care in consideration that your clothes are one of the things that matter to you. So the next time you need your clothes washed with care, come to Somerville Drycloeaners & Laundry!

Financial Services

H&R Block: Tax Consultants Who Care

Handling your taxes can be quite stressful, but not with H&R Block. Their knowledgeable team of consultants will walk you through the tax refund process with ease. What sets them apart from other tax consultants is that they are dedicated to providing a personal service all year round. So if you’re having difficulties managing your tax accounts, come to H&R Block.

Rad Bookkeeping & Business Solutions: Keeping Your Business on Track

With over 17 years of supervision and guidance rendered, Rad Bookkeeping is committed to meeting the needs of their clientele. They provide industry-leading bookkeeping and business services that ensure your business will always stay on the right track. Guiding entrepreneurs and businessmen to have a more successful business.

Vehicle Services

G&S Tyres

For the off road and 4wd community, G&S Tyres is a valued treasure to them. Due to their knowledge and top-notch services, they have become regarded as the top off road and 4wd shop in Somerville. However, their services are not limited to muddy trucks. Even regular car owners come and visit this place to get their car serviced. They can take care of your car, trailer, and almost anything you need!

Apart from being the center of commerce and trade in Somerville, the plaza also offers different types of services rendered by the top Services Centres. You’ll find Service Centres that don’t just provide amenities but also care for the individuals they serve. 

So, the next time you’re in need of a haircut, tax assistance, a little pampering, or any of the services mentioned above, remember that Somerville Plaza is more than a collection of services. It’s a community that cares about you. Explore, experience, and become a part of this extraordinary congregation of Services Centre that prioritizes customer satisfaction and well-being!

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