A Food Lover’s Guide to Somerville Plaza Shopping Centre’s Diverse Dining Options

If you haven’t had the chance to visit Somerville Plaza, you’re missing out! With a wide range of services, Stores Local, and food places. Somerville has everything you’re looking for! 

For now, let’s put a highlight on Somerville Plaza’s diverse dining options. It’s a place you need to come to if you’re a culinary enthusiast. Today, I’m taking you on a tour of the dining places it offers.

Exploring the Culinary Landscape

Walking into Somerville Plaza is like stepping into a food lover’s paradise. The air is filled with irresistible aromas from various cuisines. As you stroll through the middle of the plaza, you’ll find a handful of good-looking restaurants that get your appetite ready for another round of food. We offer a wide range of restaurants, from fine dining establishments with linen-covered tables to cozy little cafes with the smell of freshly brewed coffee wafting through the air.

Must-Try Dining Places

Somerville Plaza Shopping Centre, is home to a wide variety of cuisines that can accommodate different preferences and tastes of the visitors.

Flakey Jake’s Fish & Chips

First on our list is the classic “Flakey Jake’s Fish & Chips.” If you’re craving for traditional fish and chips, there’s nowhere else to go except Flakey Jake’s. Their crispy, golden-brown fish is a true delight, and is the perfect option for a quick, tasty meal.

May Sai Thai Restaurant

For those looking for something different, exotic perhaps, May Sai Thai Restaurant is your best bet. For lovers of Thai cuisine, Mai Sai will transport your taste buds all the way back to Bangkok, its motherland. Among the bestsellers and fan-favorites are their Green Curry and Pad Thai. 

Hold on, you might think that the culinary oasis is limited to those mentioned above. The dining options at Somerville Plaza Shopping Centre are as diverse as they come. Make sure to check out these fantastic restaurants as well.

Harlem Specialty Coffee

Coffee Lovers, we got you. Harlem is a specialty coffee haven. Doesn’t matter if you’re a latte enthusiast or a black coffee enjoyer, Harlem can help fill your caffeine meter to your content.

Ducky Brown Cafe

If you just want to relax in a cozy cafe, this might be the perfect spot for you. Unwind with a cup of tea and a slice of freshly baked cake. The ambience of Ducky Brown Cafe is as delightful as their pastries, relax and enjoy serenity there.

Somerville Gourmet Cakes, Pastries, Sandwiches

If you’re a sweet tooth, behold the oasis for you. Their pastries and sandwiches are a delightful blend of flavors and textures, leaving your mouth overwhelmed with flavors! They also serve sandwiches that will satisfy your cravings for savory or sweet foods.

Noodle Canteen

Craving the classic asian comfort food? Noodle Canteen serves up delicious noodles and stir-fries that hit the spot every single time.

Tips for the Best Dining Experience

In order for you to make the most of your visit to Somerville Plaza consider making reservations, especially if you intend to dine during peak hours. It’s a popular dining destination with Stores Local, and securing a table can save you from any unnecessary wait that might affect the way you’ll enjoy the food. Also, try visiting at different times of the day, different times of the day may offer a different vibe compared to a cozy dinner setting.

Another important consideration is your parking. Sometimes it can be tricky due to the influx of customers arriving at peak hours. However, the parking area is big enough to fit all the customers and is conveniently placed adjacent to the Stores Local where you can have the best culinary adventure of your life.

All in all, Somerville Plaza Shopping Centre is not just a place to shop but also a culinary oasis, which offers an adventure that caters to all tastes and preferences. It’s a food lover’s sanctuary, a place where you can indulge your food to your heart’s content. We are inviting you to come and visit the diverse dining options and savor the international flavors.

Don’t just take my word for it, come and experience it for yourself! Doesn’t really matter if you’re a local or just passing by, Somerville Plaza deserves to be on your culinary bucket list.

So, what are you waiting for? Let your taste buds travel the world, one dist at a time here at Somerville Plaza Shopping Centre. Bon Appétit!

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